Is it March Yet?

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Although I cannot complain about the weather here, I am so eager for it to be March already. I am sure if you live anywhere besides California or Florida, you are probably pretty excited about thoughts of spring. Sorry February, I enjoyed Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and an epic trip here, but you are just delaying my path to March. And I didn’t even get into how much your spelling has always annoyed me.

Last year around this time, I was in Germany with my husband. We also spent a weekend in Prague. Read about my winter travels here and here. And two years ago, we were still living in Washington, D.C. and I posted this, which was one of my most special posts to look back on. In a way, having a blog is nice for that reason because you can look back and reflect on precious memories. I think next February, knowing how I feel about this month, I should plan a fun trip, even a local weekend getaway or camping trip to liven up my FEB plans.

Besides December, March is one of my favorite months. I am a Pisces, so naturally I love March. I also know a lot of really cool people who also have March birthdays (you know who you are!). St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, spring shopping, and Easter preparations also all happen in this fantastic month. In addition to all these things my daughter will experience for the first time, we will soon be settled in our new house, which is probably the main reason why this month has dragged on for me.

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How My Style Has Changed

How My Style Has Changed

Since I became a mom of a beautiful little girl with severe acid reflux, my daily style has naturally evolved. Before becoming pregnant, I had to adapt my east coast faves to more breathable, lightweight clothes for California. Living in D.C., black was a wardrobe staple and now I rarely wear black pants. Then I had to shift my style again once becoming pregnant and now that I am taking care of my daughter.

These days, I am living in boyfriend jeans and tops that I can easily throw into the wash. We are definitely spending less at the dry cleaners because I do not want to ruin a silk blouse or beautiful tunic because I was burping baby M. And really can you see me at the park in silk? Not really practical for my new wardrobe as a mom. That being said, I still want to be considered stylish and cute, it just requires some new staples to my existing closet.

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Happy Fat Tuesday

Cinnamon Sugar Beignets

A Fat Tuesday spent in NOLA is a one-of-a-kind experience and I easily fell in love with the charm and spirit of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. If you are not on Bourbon Street having a strong Hurricane from Pat O’Briens, you could have a festive meal at home tonight. If you have a snow day off today and have more time, you could make classic beignets. I do not like donuts, but I love warm lightly powered beignets. Serve with coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone!

Image above and recipe here

Happy Valentine’s Weekend

What a lovely gift this year, three days to celebrate love! This year our Valentine’s Day will be very different than previous years when we planned a romantic dinner or something spontaneous together. Even though we will probably celebrate Valentine’s with a sandwich and a root beer at lunch, this will be our sweetest Valentine’s yet with our little girl.

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We Caved on Costco

2015/02/img_0150.jpgSo yes this happened today. This is me examining my options in the juice section at my local Costco. I am now a proud Costco member.

My last trip to Costco was probably circa 1997 going along with a high school friend’s parent while we were out running errands way before I could drive. How times have changed!

Have you seen the State Farm “Never” commercial?! Hilarious and so true. Add Costco membership to that list! A Costco membership is one of those things you think you never really want, but you secretly love and were just waiting to get to this point in your life.
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Setting the Table

Dining Room Vision

For our new house, our current dining room table will not fit so we had to come up with another style and vision for the room. In the dining room, I want a French country cottage feel with a mix of different chairs and fabrics that still fits in with the beach cottage vibe.
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Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day!

Fondue Set

One of my favorite ideas for hosting your friends over for dinner is to have fondue night. I have two vintage fondue pots from my parents that I adore. One of the sets is clearly from another time with the bright orange pot and wooden skewers. It is so easy to throw together a fondue dinner. You simply prepare all the veggies, meat, and fruit ahead of time. Wash, cut, and arrange a variety of your favorite veggies on a plate and on a separate platter have your shrimp and steak.

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Guest Bedroom in Our Beach Cottage

Guest Room Vision Board

Water Carafe ~ Aqua Bedside Carafe // Bed ~ Ikea Hemnes Daybed // Pillow ~ Furbish Greek Key Trim Pillow in Navy // Nightstand & Storage ~ Crate and Barrel Fischer Storage Ottoman // Rug ~ Target Wool Rug // Luggage Rack ~ Frontgate Folding Luggage Rack

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Story Time

Molly Sims

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and a fantastic ending to the Super Bowl. At least it was an exciting game and Katy Perry’s performance at half time blew me away! Even though I have seen her before in concert, she continues to keep it fresh and entertaining. What did you think of those sharks?! Since we are now in February, it is a good time to revisit goals for 2015.

I have been reading a lot of books these days, just ones with lots of colors and few words for little M. By the way, if you love to read to your little one, check out these super smart reads for baby here! I want to read a real book this year, with a hardback cover and new crisp pages!

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Hike with a View


Just because it is Friday and I know it is still very cold elsewhere in the country, I thought I would share some pictures of beautiful northern California. We took a little hike recently and were treated to these views and trees. The stunning cliffs, the tall trees, and beautiful Pacific Ocean still continue to amaze me and I am looking forward to moving closer to the water soon.

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